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Sold Out For Jesus daily devotion online

G. John White's first devotional Sold out for Jesus covers 12 vital themes of Christianity.

16 November 2018

November Topic: EMMANUEL - GOD WITH US


Let's spend November together looking at the fact that God longs to be with us and for us to spend time with Him.

Exodus 3:8


I love that!

What a tremendous thing for God to say! I have come down to rescue them. How like God! Not - "You go and do..." but "I have come down!" Yes, Moses was going to be 'commissioned' but the most important point had already been made. "I have come down to rescue them."

That, to me, is certainly the hallmark of God. It is the way He works. He gives us visions, for sure, but every one I have known has been prefixed with - "this is what I AM going to do - and I AM inviting you to play a part and to become a part of it." O.K. We may have to take up the leadership, motivate, organise and administrate, but it is God's plan not ours. He reveals His plan to us; tells us what He is going to do and then invites us to play our part. Sometimes its a big one, sometimes its a small one, sometimes for a long time, sometimes just for a short time until someone else takes over, but every time its His plan!

To me that is a great relief, and also as I've already said it is the hallmark of a genuine vision from God. We can all come up with great ideas and visions but they are not all from God! (Even though I may think so!) Those of God are like this one - God's plan where He invites us to be a part. They are the ones that come to fruition.

That's why I said they have always been a great relief to me, because, although usually, they are well beyond my capabilities, and often beyond my initial level of faith, God has said what He is going to do, so when things become impossible, difficult and needing a miracle, we can just stand back and say "O.K. God, I've done all I can, if this is really what You want to do, its over to You - I've reached the end - its entirely up to You now or it falls over!" And do you know what? I've been to the so-called eleventh hour and the eleventh hour and 59th minute! BUT HE HAS NEVER FAILED ME YET!

Yes, I've seen Him move 'dead-lines' which were not His; I've seen Him shift 'goal-posts' but in the end, HE HAS ALWAYS AND ALWAYS DELIVERED. He never ever misses one of His deadlines!

Something else here too. Who initiated the Exodus? Moses? The People of Israel, the Hebrews? Their groaning, moaning and prayers? No, I don't think so. It was the heart of God all along!

Who invented the plan of our Salvation? God did. He saw our lost position, our helplessness and hopelessness and in Christ Jesus our Saviour and His Beloved Son, He proclaimed - "I have come down to rescue them!"

And that time He did it ALL Himself!


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