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Sold Out For Jesus daily devotion online

G. John White's first devotional Sold out for Jesus covers 12 vital themes of Christianity.

19 March 2018


This month we will look at the death of Jesus Christ our Lord, from various angles and see how it is totally relevant to all we are called to be and do.

Exodus 3:8


Moses thought he could do it on his own, in his own strength.

And what happened? He murdered an Egyptian and antagonised the Hebrew people.

God had to take him out into the wilderness for 40 years for some training. Some further training.

We don't like wilderness experiences, do we? We want to be "at it" all the time. Wildernesses are such a waste of time and energy and we feel we are missing out on the action. BUT none of God's training is wasted.

Quite often, the length of our wilderness experiences depends upon how receptive and humble we are whilst we go through them, or the significance of what the Lord has planned for us next.

What do you think? I think Moses had a sense of destiny. I think he "knew" he was to lead the Hebrews free. God's training had been perfect. He had been trained in Pharaoh's court. He knew how the Pharaohs thought and acted - he was natural in their company and society.

But he had to learn humility; he had to learn shepherding; he had to learn (experience) the isolation and loneliness that often accompanies leadership from time to time; and he had to be in an environment where he could learn to discern the voice and ways of God. That all happened in the wilderness - not in the palace of Pharaoh.

He was also given first-hand preparation training in living in the "conditions" that deliverance would require!

However, although Moses had a vision - he also had to learn something else. Visions, when they are real, come from God. He initiates them, He sustains them and guess what - He carries them out. They are not "our" visions per se. What actually happens is, that God gives us a glimpse of what He is going to do and invites us to be a part of it.

The wilderness experience can also be necessary as a time for us to "give back to Him", His vision, so that when we are ready He can use us to carry it out, not in our strength but in His and in His power.

God has come down to rescue them.

Just in the same way God has come down to rescue this world, in Jesus.

Have you been through the wilderness training, so that now, you can go and share God's plan with the lost - your friends and neighbours, and lead them out of the enemy's slavery, and into the freedom and family of God?


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