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Sold Out For Jesus daily devotion online

G. John White's first devotional Sold out for Jesus covers 12 vital themes of Christianity.

24 September 2018

September Topic: Perseverance

The Word says "To him who overcomes...."

The Christian walk is NOT easy, so we need to be people of determination, knowing that in the end, WE WILL WIN!

This month we will discover some words of comfort and encouragement to help us on our pilgrimage.

James 1:2


Get real!

I have always liked James because he is always so down to earth. Being Jesus' brother, one could expect him to be the writer who really would get into 'spiritual things' and give us the intimate insights into who Jesus really was and what He really can do for us. Claim all those 'super-spiritual' phrases and use all that 'super-spiritual' vocabulary some use!

Instead of that, James seems to do all he can to turn us off. He gets to grips with so many practical issues that in some circles, it seems today - they'd even wonder whether he knew the Spirit of God and His Baptism!

Yet for me, though I don't 'enjoy' his letter, I do find that 'ring of truth' running right through it and so I remain challenged by it and praise God he wrote it. As I've said before - one of the greatest joys for me is that God is real and James portrays Him and His expectations in that light. I find it interesting that James gets straight into trials. He doesn't hang about! He doesn't even 'warm up' to them - Bang, there they are.

That suggests to me that he expects every Christian to have trials. They are not for the 'few and chosen'! More than that, he goes on to say - 'trials of many kinds'. So, yes - we are not immune to trials, testings and challenges. It actually suggests to me that we can also expect them to change in degree. Start easy, end hard!

O.K, so I have to suffer - but be joyful about it? Be real! Yes, he says, "Consider it pure joy." Hang on, there must be something more. Yes, there is. You see we all have trials - trials aren't sin. But our attitude can be. We either go under or ride over or through them. James says - Hey - yes; trials will come (in ever increasing intensity?) but they are for our good, so be glad they've come - get the right attitude about it and let God shape you, the way He wants.

They should produce joy in our hearts, as He moulds us, as He desires - for our ultimate good!


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