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Sold Out For Jesus daily devotion online

G. John White's first devotional Sold out for Jesus covers 12 vital themes of Christianity.

20 July 2018

July Topic: Mission - The Call Of God

This month I want to remind us

What ON EARTH We should be doing!


What is our FATHER'S heartbeat?

What is His greatest desire?

Ephesians 3:6


I'll be honest - I'm not into replacement theology.

I shall never forget the first time the Lord really got hold of me - or my attention at least - regarding the Jews in general and Israel today in particular.

I was leading a Bible Study group for young people in our home and we had decided to go systematically through Romans. When we arrived at Chapters 10 and 11, I suddenly had my eyes opened and a whole new revelation.

I had been brought up in a sort of neutral way - The Jews were irrelevant. I soon realised that it wasn't neutral it was negative! The West is terribly biased. All the pictures of Jesus are not Jewish - they are of a western person. We being "saved" see the Jews as no longer relevant. The fact that God sent Jesus to Jews, Jesus was a Jew, He lived and died a Jew, the Gospel only came to us because the Jews shared it with us Gentiles is ignored and bypassed.

"Paul wasn't a Jew - he was 'one of us'" seems to be the theology. Paul here, however, makes an incredible statement. Well it is incredible to us Gentiles anyway. He says, "this Mystery is that through the Gospel the Gentiles are heirs with Israel". Jesus actually said that He had come for the "lost sheep of Israel". His "mission" was to the Jews. Paul in this sentence suggests to me that he along with the Jews find it a mystery that the Gentiles benefit by the Gospel.

Today, we have turned it around and think it is a mystery that God would allow the Jews to be part of "Our" salvation! Hey, its time to get this straight. Jesus lived and died a Jew. He was, indeed, in truth The King of the Jews! The disciples were Jews. The Apostles were Jews. The incredible mystery is that God through the Gospel has allowed us "outcasts", us Gentiles, to participate in His death and resurrection to the extent that we become "heirs with Israel".

Whether you like it or not - by faith you became a child of the 'Jew' Abraham. A brother of the Hebrew, Moses. A brother of the 'Jewess' Mary.

What a privilege is ours! The God of Abraham, Jacob & Isaac is ours too and we share with Israel in their inheritance to the kingdom of Jehovah and Yeshua the Messiah!


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